Why invest your child's future at St. Joseph School?

  • Small class sizes
  • Faith-filled, supportive environment
  • Engaged school community
  • Rigorous curriculum

The data speaks for itself!  Each year, our classes average above grade level on standardized assessments (IOWA Assessment) in Language Arts and Mathematics.

SJS GradeAverage Grade Equivalency Score for SJS Students (based on 2017-2018 data)DifferenceWhat does this data mean?
34.7+1.7SJS 3rd graders score at a 4th grade and 7 months level.
45.9+1.9SJS 4th graders score at a 5th grade and 9 months level.
57.1+2.1SJS 5th graders score at a 7th grade and 1 month level.
68.3+2.3SJS 6th graders score at an 8th grade and 3 months level.
711.2+4.2SJS 7th graders score at an 11th grade and 2 months level.


On average, as students continue their education at St. Joseph School, they score closer and closer to high school levels across curriculum areas!

Click the link below to see this year's Power Point presentation for families on the benefits of a Catholic education at St. Joseph School!

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