Welcome to the St. Joseph School Health Aide Office

St. Joseph School follows the standards and procedures set forth by Bristol/Burlington Board of Health.  A full-time health aide is provided by Bristol/Burlington Board of Health and is on duty each day to provide primary first-aid services, to facilitate emergency health care arrangements, to maintain student health records and to notify parents or guardians when a student is too ill to remain in school. 

Please do not send your child to school if he/she is not feeling well upon waking in the morning.  Doing so can contribute to the spread of disease, putting your child and his/her classmates at risk.

Any medication that a child may need during school hours must be handed in to the Health Aide by the parent or guardian with written doctor permission.  Medication should be in a new, unopened container unless otherwise specified by the Health Aide.  Medications will need to be signed out by a parent or guardian on the last day of school. 

Any student requiring an in-school Health Plan will be required to attend a meeting with representation from Bristol/Burlington Board of Health and school administration.


Meet the SJS Health Aide!

Mrs. Sam Sears
[email protected]

Health Documents:

Health Services Brochure

Health History Form