Mandatory Training

Archdiocese of Hartford requires that all school employees and volunteers that have regular contact with children complete the Virtus training program and background check.

You can find the dates and locations of upcoming training sessions on the will be held and to register for a Virtus training session, follow the instructions below to access the Virtus registration page:

  1. Click Here to view the list of upcoming training sessions on the Virtus Web Site
  2. Select the Hartford, CT (Archdiocese)

If you have any questions about Virtus training or whether you should register for a training session, please contact Mrs. Kimberlee Donahue in the Religious Education Office at (860) 582-2888.

For more information about the Protecting God’s Children program at St. Joseph Church and our compliance with Archdiocese of Hartford requirements please contact Kim Donahue, Director of Religious Education, at (860) 582-2888.