Follow "The Followers of Christ"


Come share your faith with "The Followers of Christ", that feel the same as you about the love for Jesus!

Our doors are open to all kids ages 14 - 18 years old.  Here you have an opportunity to share the gifts that God has given you. Throughout the year you may share those gifts during our liturgies and outreach events, such as raking in the Fall for someone who needs help, or baking for a fundraiser, or hospitality event.  There are many stewardship opportunities.

We meet every other Sunday at 6 pm.  We watch movies, we have ice breakers, we have conversations about current events, we share our foods and culture, and we're even putting together a band. 

If you are interested in joining or would like to know more about our Youth Group, please call the Office of Religious Education and Faith formation at 860-582-2288.

"The Followers of Christ" Youth Group sits at the parking lot along with Father Ivan, Ms. Marlyn, and Mrs. Donahue, collecting clothing donations and discussing upcoming Summer activities and plans for the upcoming year.