Connecticut Catholic Bishops Release Statement On Immigration 

“In recent decades U.S. governments led by both of our major parties have fallen woefully short of enacting immigration reform and  of honoring the basic humanity of migrants and refugees… We urge everyone to work and pray for a better way forward in addressing this humanitarian crisis.”


Statement on Immigration Reform – July 10, 2019

Statement on Immigration Reform – July 10, 2019 (Spanish)

National Catholic Bioethics Center Articles of Interest

The National Catholic Bioethics Center on Health Care and Life Sciences published two articles of interest in their monthly newsletter "Ethics & Medics" on two very important issues. These articles address two very important topics on the national level that our readers should be better informed about.

The first article concerns the "Equality Act" passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in May, 2019, and awaiting action by the Senate. This act changes the legal definition of "sex" in a way that will eventually impact every aspect of our society. One example relates to the definition of marriage. The author states that under this act "it will be discriminatory to believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. The redefinition of marriage would now be complete." In other words, you would be guilty of an act of discrimination if you believe in the traditional definition of marriage and express this belief to someone.  The article covers in clear detail the major aspects of this misdirected and overreaching legislation.

The second article discusses the conscience rights of medical practitioners and the federal protections proposed by a new federal Department of Health and Human Services to protect those rights. It is a good article relating to the issues and efforts to protect medical providers in an ever-changing world.  

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