Our Religious Education program offers classes for children in the age groups from Pre K 4 - 10th Grade.  Our classes are led by well prepared catechists and aides, who are also VIRTUS trained and background checked. 

Our students are immersed in a scope and sequence based learning of our Catholic faith.  We aim to "expand on a child's understanding and love for Jesus and His Church, to introduce the concept that with Grace it is possible for us to act as images of God here on Earth, and to live with God someday in Heaven."  In other words, it's a learning journey that prepares for a life in Heaven.  Most importantly, our children learn that "we can truly encounter the person of Jesus in the Sacrament, and that Jesus transforms us for the better through the grace of the Sacraments."

In order to have a true understanding of the mystery of our Faith, we believe it is important not only to hear and learn, but also to take part in the Sunday Liturgy.  We encourage our students and their families to attend Mass on a weekly basis.  

If you would like to find out more about our program, please call our office at 860-582-2888.


First Holy Communion Photography Information

Parents, First Communion pictures are now available through the photographer's website.  Click on the button below and follow the instructions to access the gallery of photos.

First Communion Photos

The prices vary depending on the size of the pictures.

God bless!