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St. Joseph Parish is a welcoming Catholic community called to live, proclaim and foster God’s steadfast love in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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Reopening of Sunday Masses

Archbishop Blair, in consultation with State and health officials, has announced the second phase of the opening of parishes, July 4-5.  Please take into consideration when evaluating your readiness to attend Mass, that the Archbishop has extended the suspension for the obligation to attend weekend Mass until September 2020.


Reservations will be required due to limited seating capacity (60 people)

Sign up by calling the Parish Office Monday thru Thursday 9am - 3pm


We prepared the Guild Hall to accommodate those who show up for Mass, so they can watch the Eucharist and receive Holy Communion if the church reaches its capacity. The Guild Hall will accommodate 40 people.


* Remember to wear your mask

* Bring hand sanitizer

* Keep social distancing

* Follow the usher's directions




Reapertura Misas Dominicales

Las Misas dominicales inician el 4-5 de Julio aunque la dispensa de la obligación para asistir, se mantiene vigente hasta septiembre 2020.


Se requieren reservaciones debido a la capacidad de asientos (60 personas)

Registrate llamando a la oficina de lunes a jueves de 9am - 3pm


Si la iglesia colma su capacidad, hemos preparado el Guild Hall para que mas personas puedan participar de la Eucaristía. Podrán verla en vivo y recibir Santa Comunión.


* Lleve puesto su tapabocas todo el tiempo

* Traiga desinfectante de manos

* Mantenga su distancia

* Siga las indicaciones de los ujieres


9am Monday - Thursday (English)

7pm Monday and Wednesday (Español)

Vigil Mass: 4pm Saturday (English)

8am Sunday (English)

10am Sunday (English)

12pm Sunday (Español)

10am and 12pm Sunday Masses live-streamed on Facebook


Saturday 2:30pm or during the week by appointment

Sabado 2:30 o durante la semana con cita

Baptisms and weddings, please call the office

St. Joseph Church, Bristol, CT; Gallery of Stained Glass Art ...


Vacation Bible School will be streamed via Facebook Live -  July 13th - 17th from 10am to 11am.  Please encourage your child to participate from home.  There will be prayer, song and scripture teachings. 

All are welcomed!

Welcome Back Procedures for

Mass Attendance

  1. Please call the parish office to reserve your spot for Monday through Thursday Masses.  Anyone that has not reserved a spot may wait outside the church until the usher sees that a spot is available.  All must enter through the front doors of the church.
  2. You must be wearing a mask to enter the church.  Your temperature will then be taken.  If all is well, you must sanitize your hands.
  3. Families may sit together in one pew.  We ask that individuals please restrict seating to two people per pew by sitting at the ends, 6 feet apart.
  4. During the Mass you may respond to all the parts assigned to the people.  However, strong singing has been shown to send droplets further into the air than just speaking, thus causing greater risk of the spread of the virus.  Therefore, singing should be avoided by those in the pews.  There will be no vocal choir singing until further notice.
  5. There will not be a basket passed for the monetary offering for the church.  Instead, there will be collection baskets at the entrance of the church for you to insert your envelope or contribution.
  6. A physical sign of peace will be eliminated from the Mass.  A nod or wave to those nearby is an acceptable form of sign of peace.
  7. When coming to communion, you must adhere to the markings on the floor while waiting your turn to receive.  Stay 6 feet apart from the person in front of  you and keep your mask on.  When you approach the priest, extend your hands to receive the host which will be dropped into your hands and move to the yellow mark on either the right or the left of you.  Once on the side marker, pull your mask down to consume the host and immediately replace your mask and go back to your seat.
  8. At the end of Mass, those in the back of the church are asked to leave first and not congregate in the church.  Others in turn from back to front will then leave allowing 6' between people as you exit.
  9. The bulletin is on the parish website for all to read but there will not be any printed bulletins until further notice.  All books, hymnals, carenotes have been removed from the church as well.  If you would like to follow along on the readings for the Mass, there are many resources to which you can subscribe that print all the readings and prayers for the Catholic Mass.  These resources are listed on this website as well.  Feel free to bring these worship aids with you each week either downloaded on your phone or other device, or the printed copy.
  10. The church will be sanitized after each Mass for your safety.  The bathrooms will not be available for public use and all items that you bring into the church--papers, books, tissues etc--must be removed when you leave.

The Parish Center Chapel is open for personal prayer Monday - Thursday from 8:30am - 4:00pm


Coronavirus Updates

Click here to stay informed with COVID-19 news from the Archdiocese of Hartford and St. Joseph's Parish

Daily Mass Readings

Available in the following links:

We hope you find these resources helpful!

First Communion News!

Please click here for an important message from the Office of Religious Education, and a copy of the First Communion Take Home Packet for Religious Ed. Students.

Attention Parishioners:

The Parish Office will be closed on Fridays beginning on April 3rd.

"Promise to Protect - Pledge to Heal":

How to Report Sexual Abuse - Pdf
Como Reportar Abuso Sexual - Pdf





While public Masses have been cancelled throughout the Archdiocese of Hartford in order to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus, know that your continued support of the parish is crucial for its ongoing operations and obligations to employees, etc.

Please know that we are also sensitive to the fact that some parishioners may be facing financial hardships due to the epidemic.  

Know that you can mail your contributions to:  

St. Joseph Parish Center
149 Goodwin St.
Bristol, CT 06010

or drop through the mail slot at the Parish Center. 

Or you can make contributions on line by visiting our website : stjosephbristol.org and go to online giving offered through Our Sunday Visitor.  You may set up your gift via our website on your smart phone as well.



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