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Online Giving

We are pleased to be able to offer online giving for those wishing to make donations to the parish online.

Our Sunday Visitor has been chosen as our online giving provider.  Our Sunday Visitor serves millions of Catholics worldwide through its publishing, offertory and communication services.  Established in 1912 by a local parish priest, Our Sunday Visitor has grown into the nation's largest supplier of offering envelopes, parish and diocesan mailings, books, periodicals, address management and stewardship services.  Our Sunday Visitor is a not-for-profit organization, donating part of net earnings back to the Catholic community through the OSV Institute.  They also boast the highest security standards and most flexible capabilities for Online Giving.

Please understand that Our Sunday Visitor is handling the online transaction using industry standard best practicies for security and privacy.  Our parish web site does not handle or store any part of the transaction.

The Online Giving Program has many benefits to both you and our parish.

Parishioner Benefits Parish Benefits
  • No need for writing checks
  • Option to remain anonymous
  • Financial planning allows giving to align with your pay checks
  • Allows you to give even if you are unable to attend parish services
  • Contribution amount easily adjusted
  • Can be used with offering envelopes
  • No need to share confidential bank account information with the parish staff
  • Bank information is entered directly into the online giving secure site by you
  • No check processing fees
  • Increases regular giving with recurring contributions
  • More accurate revenue forcasting
  • Provides electronic donation summary for tax purposes
  • Reaches a wider demographic of givers
  • Accommodates special parish collections and missions including school tuition
  • Eliminates parish staff's concern of sensitive data

Please understand that Online Giving is not intended to replace the traditional act of Sunday offertory, rather it is meant to enhance it.  You may continue to receive envelopes if you wish.  Reusable cards will also be available in the pews for online giving parishioners to place in the collection basket so they can still physically participate in the Sunday offertory.  Please prayerfully consider Online Giving.

This link was changed on 07/17/2013.  Please update your bookmark if necessary.
Here you will be able to

  • Create your own new personal account
  • Log into your existing account
  • Read Frequently Asked Questions about Online Giving
  • Contact the parish office if you have any questions

The above link will be shown as Our Sunday Visitor - Welcome to Online Giving and will direct you to:

This link was changed on 07/17/2013.  Please update your bookmark if necessary.