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Small Christian Communities

"Small Christian Communities are about connecting faith and daily living in a communal setting."

Small Christian Communities are small groups of 6-10 people dedicated to prayer, listening to and discussing the Word of God, and acting on the commission of the Lord to render service to the world. These SCCs are fully "church" and participate in the threefold mission of the church that consists of proclaiming the gospel, building community, and rendering service in charity and justice.

Small Christian Communities have grown slowly and steadily at St. Joseph Church. These communities meet once a week, or once every other week. Some meet during the day and other groups meet in the evening hours.

Each one of the groups has a trained Pastoral Facilitator. These pastoral facilitators are trained by Deacon Bob Pallotti, with the approval of the Pastor, Rev. James Leary, to serve the parish in this capacity. The training consists of two separate phases. The first six session phase examines the role of the pastoral facilitator, models of the Church, models of prayer, communication and conflict resolution skills and an introduction to the mission of the church. The second six session phase covers church mission, charity and justice, social analysis, pastoral circle, and how to get started in doing social ministry.

Small Christian Communities are directly responsible to the pastor and the parish community. They are called to be a "leaven" in the parish and the local and global community. They are called to bring the intimacy of the group and the commitment to "being doers of the Word" into all aspects of living. The groups are founded on sound theological principles.

Theological Principles

+ They are directed toward the integration of faith and life, that is, full sacramental living.

+ They are fully Church committed to the threefold mission of the Church.

+ All members of the groups have different gifts of the Holy Spirit that members encourage other s to use in order to build up the Body of Christ and to carry out the mission of the Church.

+ SCC are committed to providing opportunities for growth in faith that will lead to a fuller expression of discipleship.

Small Christian Communities are supported and encouraged by the U.S. Catholic Bishops. All over the world people are gathering in small groups. The establishing of SCCs represent a retrieval of the early "house churches" typical of nascent Christianity.

"Small church communities not only foster the faith of individuals; they are living cells that build up the Body of Christ. They are to be signs and instruments of unity. As basic units of the parish, they serve to increase the corporate life and mission of the parish by sharing in its life generously with their talents and support."
- Called and Gifted for the Third Millennium, USCC/NCCB

Small church communities offer an important and unique means of formation for the new evangelization. They strengthen their members to persevere in their faith and mission, providing both inspiration and practical support. To be involved in the new evangelization, however, requires that members of such communities be as ready for engagement with the world outside their community as they are for deepening their relationships within it. If the small community is to be a true expression of the mystery of the Church, then it must be "a communion of God's people living out the mission of Jesus Christ in the power of the Spirit" (Communion and Mission, p8.)

Small Christian Communities for Single Catholics

For further information about Small Christian Communities please fill out the following form and send it in to:

St. Joseph Church
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