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Liturgy and Worship

Liturgy and Worship Team

  • Presider - Fr. Ivan D. Ramirez


Lay Ministry Functions


  • Eucharistic Ministers - Assisting at Holy Communion.

  • Readers - Ministry of Readers and Listeners.

  • Cantors - Ministry of Music.

  • Choirs - Ministry of Music.

  • Altar Servers - Ministry of Service.

  • Ushers and Greeters - Ministry of Welcoming.

  • Liturgy Committee - The planning and advisory team.

  • Environmental Liturgy - Preparing the worship space, art and environment.


Lector Workshop 9-20-2007

Here is the audio recording and a copy of the paper hand-out from the Lector Worshop conducted on Thursday, Sept. 20, 2007:


Audio Recording

The audio recording is a 50mb mp3 file which could take almost 2 minutes to download using a broadband internet connection.

Liturgy and Worship Team


Pat Smatt

Fr. Ivan Ramirez
Deacon Neil B. Richter Jean Degan

The Liturgy and Worship Team is a group of people appointed by and working with the pastor who participate in planning, coordinating and implementing liturgy in our parish. "Liturgy" means the "work" that people do to worship God. Liturgy requires careful planning as well as training of liturgical ministers. These ministers include the Priest and Deacon, Lectors, Cantors, Choirs, Altar Servers, Ushers and Greeters, Eucharistic Ministers and the people of Environmental Liturgy.

Special preparation is required for the major feasts and holy days such as Christmas and the Triduum (Holy Week and Easter). Coordination is also needed between the church, school and religious education.

The Liturgy and Worship Team responsible for the following liturgical events:


  • Blessing of the Animals

  • Eucharistic Minister Commissioning

  • Mass of Remembrance (on the Feast of All Souls) with reception

  • Thanksgiving Ecumenical Service

  • Marian Liturgy (Immaculate Conception)

  • Advent Vespers

  • Parish Renewal (Mission)

  • Lessons and Carols

  • Christmas Liturgies

  • Ash Wednesday and Lenten Services (Stations of the Cross)

  • The Holy Triduum

  • Easter Liturgies

  • Children’s Liturgies

  • Seasonal Liturgies

  • Mission

  • Ministry Evening of Reflection

  • May Crowning

  • Sacramental Liturgies (Communion, Confirmation)


The Liturgy and Worship Team is responsible for the following:


  • Liturgical Ministry

  • Readers

  • Cantors

  • Ushers

  • Greeters

  • Eucharistic Ministers

  • Altar Servers

  • Environmental Liturgy

  • Sewing Guild

  • Altar Society

  • Formation Seminars and Workshops

  • Coordination with Religious Education

  • Concert of Wedding Music


If you are interested in helping or serving in any of these areas, please contact any of the following:


  • Jean Degan at the Parish Center - 860-583-1369


Environmental Liturgy

The Environmental Liturgy Committee is a group of people who help prepare for liturgy by attending to the art and environment of the worship space and the parish grounds. This includes responsibilities for such things as flowers, decorations, altar linens, sacred vessels, symbols and furnishings. They are responsible for creating a setting that stimulates the gathering of our faith community in a participatory and hospitable atmosphere for Word and Eucharist, for initiation and reconciliation, for prayer and song.

If you are interested in serving on the Environmental Liturgy Committee, please contact:


  • Kim Donahue in the Religious Education Office 860-582-2888



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