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Bereavement Support Group

  • Grief is a normal and natural reaction to the death of a loved one. Most of us are not prepared for the long journey of grief which is sometimes devastating, frightening, and often lonely.Maureen Duncan, Judy Nielsen, Joseph Biron and Laura Lord
  • Grief has been likened to a raw, opened wound. With great care, it will eventually heal, but there will always be a scar. Life will never be the same, but eventually it will get better.
  • No two people grieve the same way.
  • In order to move through grief, one must do "grief work." There are no choices; you must go through it.
  • The best grief therapy is to find someone to listen to you tell your "grief story."
  • Working through grief often takes much longer than you expect. The only thing that seems to help is to take one hour ..., one day ... at a time.

Come and join us!

The Bereavement Support Group at St. Joseph Parish is a group of people who are willing to listen, understand, nurture and love you through your journey of grief to healing.

Our bereavement support group offers an environment that includes stories of personal loss, confidential sharing, and embracement of both broken heart and spirit. Our experiences in losses include loss of parent/grandparent, spouse, child, sibling, aunt/uncle and friends.

If you are interested please contact Principal Eric Frenette at the school.  860-582-8696.   All are welcome! Help is just a phone call away.