Jesus promises you two things,    1. Your life has Meaning,    2. You are going to live forever,    If you get a better offer - Take it.    - Creditd to Fr. Gene Waish (1911-1989)


As our parish celebrated Our Lady of Guadalupe this past Sunday, December 10, 2017, this feast pairs nicely with the spirit and season of Advent. The feast of our Lady represents Jesus’ saving power and forgiveness, symbolized through His mother’s love for us. Western countries, more than ever, continue to need Our Lady’s prayers and protection. From violence to poverty to oppression, countries throughout our hemisphere need our prayers and our action! Mary showed us, through St. Juan Diego, that we are all one in Christ. He acted as a mediator for the rest of the Western world and brought many to conversion. I pray today that this conversion continues, in each of our hearts. By seeing each other as brothers and sisters, may we all come together as one for the good and care of all. Have a blessed day!

Photo credit: Fr. Ivan