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Internet Guidelines

It is very easy for groups or individuals to create a web site on the Internet. Many of these sites are of questionable integrity and claim to be an "official" source of information. This can be a problem when you search the net for information about Catholics or the Catholic Church. You can't always trust the source of the information presented to you.

St. Joseph Parish Web Site publishes its pages under scrutiny of our pastor and parish clergy. Our two-fold mission is

  • to be a vehicle of communication and a source of information about our parish and its people.

  • to offer ourselves as members of the Catholic Church and as members of the universal Christian Church to the outside world.

When we offer information on our web site, we will make every effort to ensure that it is accurate and conforming to the teaching of the Catholic Church. As a rule, we do not respond to requests to add links to other sites because it is very time consuming to check them out. If there are links to other sites on our pages, that means we have made a reasonable attempt to confirm that those sites are conforming to Church teaching and would be a benefit to our users and visitors.

Some sites claim to be Catholic but are instead pursuing their own agenda. You should use caution before trusting information on the net. When in doubt, consult with your parish priest or other competent local church authority.

Part of our mission as Catholics is to reach out to others, both Christians and non-Christians, in the spirit of ecumenism. We use our parish web site to foster exchange and dialogue with all of God's people to promote universal understanding, peace, social justice and common ground.

If you have a concern about anything you find on our web site, please contact us.

The information presented on our web site is for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice.  No warranty or contract is expressed or implied.