Jesus promises you two things,    1. Your life has Meaning,    2. You are going to live forever,    If you get a better offer - Take it.    - Creditd to Fr. Gene Waish (1911-1989)


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St. Joseph Cemetery & Chapel Mausoleum

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Administrator: Rev. Iván D. Ramirez
Manager: Tim Bachman
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Office Assistant: Karen Burke

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Winter Decorations

All winter decorations must be removed from all cemeteries by March 15. Artificial spring flowers are allowed now thru-April 30. No artificial flowers will be allowed from May 1 thru November 1. Potted plants and flower boxes on both monument and non-monument lots are allowed only during the (10) day period following Palm & Easter Sunday, Mother’s & Father’s Day and Memorial day.

REMINDER: Mulch beds, borders, fencing of any description are not permitted. All planting in front of monuments are to be within the cemetery guide lines – NOT TO EXCEED 8-10 inches. Individual flags are permitted on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. Planting of flowers on flush marker graves is not permitted.

Please obtain a copy of cemetery rules and regulations from the cemetery office.

Catholic Burial

We show that we believe in many ways… in how we live and how we regard death. For Catholics the rites and traditions of Christian burial are understood to reflect our faith in the resurrection and everlasting life.

Planning our own and our family’s cemetery needs in advance reflects these beliefs, too, as well as our concern for those we leave behind. It insures that necessary matters will be completed thoughtfully and thoroughly in a time free from grief and other stress.

When death occurs many things have to be done in a relatively brief period of time. Choosing a burial place and making the necessary arrangements are one of the few things that can be done beforehand.

Catholic Cemeteries

Catholic cemeteries fulfill a twofold purpose. They offer a dignified and beautiful location where the mortal remains of the faithful departed await the day of resurrection. They provide an atmosphere of calm and reverence where we, the living, may visit to pray for those who have gone before us and take courage from their memory.

Burial (or entombment in a Catholic cemetery is the right of every Catholic who has tried to live up to the teachings of the Gospel. The mind of the Church is that all her children who have been members of God’s family in life, should, in death, await the Lord’s coming in the company of their fellow Catholics. Christian burial is the Church’s way of saying, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

Holy Family Chapel Mausoleum

  • Features 1023 Crypt Spaces
  • 80 Cremation Niches
  • Security System
  • Heated & Carpeted
  • Several Options Available
  • Prices comparable to average cost of Ground Burial

At St. Joseph Cemetery you may choose the type of burial you wish to honor the memory of a departed loved one. Our services include a choice of graves, ground cremations, mausoleum crypts, cremation niches and traditional family memorials.

Of special consideration is our chapel mausoleum, a place of reflection to memorialize a life well lived and a peaceful place of contemplation for all who visit. Because entombment in a modern crypt has many advantages, it is being selected by more and more people. The design, incorporating a dry, ventilated and completely sheltered environment, provides enduring protection.

St. Joseph Cemetery offers pre-need planning and careful assistance in burial selection so that the burden of making arrangements is lifted from family members and loved ones.

A stained glass window in Holy Family Chapel Mausoleum depicts the appearance of the Risen Jesus to Mary Magdalene. This unique religious treasure contributes to the beauty of the mausoleum.

New Section

The new section on the northeast corner of the property is now open. This is the section on the north side of Route 6 (the side with the Mausoleum) and is located on the eastern side of the property (to your left when facing the front door of the Mausoleum). Please contact the cemetery office for more information.

New Construction

Work in progress to add a new section of cremation niches inside the Holy Family Mausoleum.

The Mausoleum
Biblical Times and Today

The concept of above-ground entombment is Fully in accord with the most ancient Catholic traditions. You will recall that Our Lord, Jesus Christ, was laid to rest in a crypt hewn from native rock. The mausoleum owes its name to King Mausolus of Asia Minor, whose elaborate memorial was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Throughout much of history, above-ground entombment has been reserved for the wealthy, the Famous and the noble. We have restored this privilege for those who desire it.


  • Crypt entombment is clean, dry, secure… protected from the earth and the elements.
  • Costs are lower than you might expect -generally comparable with those of in-ground monument burial.
  • Selections of crypts in the Mausoleum removes forever the need to purchase graves, vaults or monuments. The beautiful mausoleum itself is your loved ones monument.
  • By selecting now, you are protected against any possible future increase in prices. Monthly payment plans are available for pre-need.
  • Non-Catholic members of your family can be entombed with Catholic members.

At St Joseph Cemetery, we have options to meet your needs. Whether your needs involve traditional in-ground interment, mausoleum entombment or cremation, St Joseph Cemetery can accommodate you.

Traditional In-Ground Interment
We offer choices ranging from single to multi-grave plots.

Upright monument plots from one to multiple graves
Monument grave prices range from $1,025.00- $1,650.00 ea.*

Flush-marker plots from one to multiple graves
Flush-marker grave prices range from $875.00- $1,100.00 ea.*

Burial vaults are required for all traditional in-ground interments.

In-Ground Cremation Interment
Cremation graves are available in either flush-marker or monument types.
Cremation flush marker graves $585.00 ea .*
Cremation monument plots are available for $1,525.00* and can accommodate two cremation interments.

Burial vaults are optional for in-ground cremation interments.

* Prices are dependent on location and cover only the cost of the grave.

Future interments can not be pre-paid.

Holy Family Chapel Mausoleum
Crypt Styles






Cremation Entombment

Cremation niches are located inside the Holy Family Chapel Mausoleum. The price of a cremation niche is determined according to the level on which it is located, prices do not include entombment(s) or the lettering of the panel. While it is possible to entomb two urns in each niche, due to the interior size restrictions of the niches careful consideration must be taken when selecting cremation urns.

Niche dimensions, Width 10 1/4″ Depth 11 1/4″ Height 10 1/4″

For more information please call our office, Mon- Fri 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. 860-589-2105